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   Polytouch Chemical Company

   is a professional manufacturer of contact lens  care solution in the Republic

   of Korea by the permission of a business license No. 210  in KFDA(Korea Food and

   Drug Administration).

   We always have made efforts to keep our customers' convenience and safety

   as the professional manufacturer of contact lens solution. R&D team in Polytouch

   Chemical  is also constantly looking for ways to develop new products and quality

   control of all  the prodcuts which is produced from Polytouch Chemical so that they

   would be the  favorite use to customers all over the world.

   And also we have acquired CE(Communaut' Europeen) ceritificate at the very first

   from the field of contact lens solution in South Korea. Now we have been receiving

   recognition of manufactured goods safety and technological prowess.

   We're always be with you and will become the reliable and trusting company which

   is  producing manufactures.

   Thank you.



                                                                President   Kim Soo Bock