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This product disintegrates protein, lipids and calcium on all

 kind of contact lenses.

It is used together with Saline solution.

Direction for Use.

Use at least once a week to remove proteins from the lens

surface using "Zero-Zyme" tablet.

Before using this protein removal tablet,

please read "Precautions for Use" on the package label.

-Wash the dissolving cups first and then fill with the rinsing solution to the line marked on each cup.

-Dissolve one protein tablet in each cup.

-Place the left and right lenses in the each cup and let them stand for 15 minutes or longer.

Afterwards, take the lens out, rinse them thoroughly with the rinsing solution or normal saline solution and they are ready to wear.


Contents : Papain


Size : 16 Tablet - 1 pack,

         14 Tablet - 1 pack with dissolving cup.